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DIMS Stretch ceilings and equipment tools

Production of tension ceilings and interior decoration equipment related to tile roofs by specialized and sales through authorized dealers - Consultation on implementation and technical support - Training and design consultancy

What is the stretch ceiling?

stretch ceiling that Today it is known as Barrisol and varies in a variety of models

Stretch ceiling In fact, there is a type of cover with a PVC material that has a variety of abundance with a high flexibility and high modelability in the ceiling and wall

DIMS isThe largest producer and supplier In fact, it offers a collection of tiled roof products that can use these materials to actually achieve their goals and ideas in the field of interior decoration. Elastic roofs and new elastic systems, lightboxes and loops, and decorative lights give you all the power to decide more about your environment, especially the false ceiling.

On this site, you can see all our elastic roof products. Visit the gallery. You also have a bank set of photos and images to simulate them in your default or custom environments. You can actually complete the work or order. See and imagine yourself. You can download any questions or requests by chatting on this page.

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